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Located between the Bank of England and St Paul’s Cathedral in the heart of London, Bloomberg’s new European headquarters occupies 3.2 acres and provides approximately 1.1 million square feet of sustainable office space. This project was awarded the Stirling Prize, with the judges calling it a “once-in-a-lifetime” building that has “not just raised the bar for office design and city planning but smashed the ceiling.” A distinctive hypotrochoid stepped ramp, characterised by its smooth continuous three-dimensional loop, flows through the full height of the building, adding to the drama of the space we installed the treads and risers using point cloud surveys downloaded straight into our CAD/CAM software, which then produced over 4500 separate 5 axis CNC’ed components that fitted the structure exactly accurate to 0.2mm. Not a single tape measure was used in this process and it was an entirely digital experience right from start to finish.

“Your outstanding efforts made it possible, and I am grateful for everything you did to bring this complex project to life”

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