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From our holding department and goods outward, we understand the importance of maintaining programme and having our completed items ready for delivery on a just in time basis. Our fleet of Euro compliant and FORS accredited delivery vehicles will ship our completed products which have been quality checked and palletised by our expert team. We seek to palletise everything we deliver to assist in the movement of materials around site, as this ensures our products are mobile when at the work face and can assist in the easier movement of materials on site. Our logistics department ensure that all deliveries are booked in and coordinated with the project requirements.

ISO9001 Quality 

Howard Bros Joinery operates a Quality Management System (QMS) which is ISO:9001 certified as an integral part of achieving an Integrated Management System (IMS). 

The benefits of having an IMS is that our systems are externally audited. All systems and procedures are merged to create an easy to use and cohesive companywide system which improves overall quality and ensures that are deliveries are made to your site on time and right first time.

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