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Operating from our extensive manufacturing facility located in East Sussex, we continue to invest in modern, high quality machinery, aiming to get the balance right between current and efficient manufacturing techniques, whilst maintaining a flexible and traditional bespoke craftsman produced product. Continually investing into our Apprenticeship programme maintains our continued success, as these individuals are the necessary foundations for our continued reputation for high quality craftsmanship. Extensive investment in CAD/CAM technologies ensure our component machined items are of the highest accuracy, whilst maintaining the balance between production volumes and single job flexibility. Our production facilities undertake the following, to ensure your requirements are manufactured on time to the highest quality:       


Timber selection and conversion.
Solid timber processing and machining
Board processing and machining
CNC programming and routing
Veneer selection and matching
Veneer shop production
Solid surface fabrication
Joiner shop production
Spray shop finishing using a wide range of finishes from French Polishing to Full Gloss Polyester.

In conjunction with the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) Howard Bros Joinery Ltd constantly reviews its manufacturing processes to deliver “World Class” manufacturing processes and techniques.

We have a 5 axis CNC Machine and vertical CNC machines equipped with integrated CAD/CAM, Woodwop and Magi Cut software linked to our design and production departments. We process most of our fabrication through our CNC machining centres using our CAD/CAM integrated software. Our machining processes are tested and verified digitally before production whilst continuing to add to our extensive CAD/CAM library.

We have some of the latest timber conversion machinery to transform wood stock, into accurate quality PAR timber.

We do all our own veneering in house using sophisticated stitching and cutting techniques to produce heat pressed veneer boards, to dead accurate tolerances

OurJoinery department is the heart of our operations. Transforming designs into beautiful pieces of joinery, our skilled workforce apply years of experience, combining modern and traditional techniques to produce only the best products.

Our finishing department has two purpose built Climate controlled spraybooths and dedicated drying and preparation areas. We are able to provide both modern spraying techniques including glasslike full gloss polyester finishes to ultra modern liquid metal finishes, and the very traditional french polishing techniques of the finest standards.

Through our verified supply chain partners who embody the same attention to detail as we do, our stone fabricators are able to support our project deliverables for all types of natural and composite stone material, fabricated and installed to the highest standards.

Using fabricators who possess the necessary process controls to ensure we deliver on time and to the highest quality, our glass fabricators are able to support our project deliverables for all types of glass products fabricated and installed to the highest standards.

Our Upholsters are craftsmen with a great understanding of client requirements working with all types of fabrics, leathers and other upholstery materials to create sumptuous finishes with fine attention to detailing and quality of finish.

Architectural metalwork is intrinsically embedded in our project deliverables. Our metalwork fabricators are able to fabricate, process and finish all types of architectural metalwork installed to the highest standards.

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